Welcome to the Town of Troutman

Troutman, home to nearly 2500 residents and nestled on the Carolina Piedmont, embraces the quintessential small town spirit that gives it such distinct charm.

Troutman residents, with a median age of 38, though, bring a youthful, progressive energy to the town and enjoy easy access to the multitude of jobs and entertainment options that Troutman's close proximity to Charlotte, Greensboro and Winston-Salem offer.

Life in Troutman is about:

  • Relaxing by the beautiful, calming waters of Lake Norman while unwinding from a hectic work day
  • Taking a break to chat with a neighbor you know by name
  • Enjoying local events that truly connect residents and foster a sense of community
  • Taking a step back from the hustle and bustle of a big city life

Governor McCrory Launches ReadyNC App to Help Families Prepare for Emergencies

Raleigh, NC -  Governor Pat McCrory and Public Safety Secretary Frank L. Perry announced the launch of a new mobile application today that will help North Carolinians prepare for everything from minor traffic emergencies to severe storms on a daily basis.

The app is free and available now in the AppStore for iPhones and Google Play for Android devices.

"The ReadyNC mobile application is an all-in-one tool that both residents and visitors can use to get the latest weather, traffic and hazard information and know what to do to be safe," said Governor McCrory. "None of us can predict when the next disaster will occur, but we can minimize the impacts by preparing ahead of time."

Governor McCrory stresses the new mobile app does not replace calling 911. However, it can be used to find life-saving information.

The new app provides users with:

  • real-time traffic and weather information
  • critical information on how to be safe during different hazardous events
  • real-time information about opened shelters for evacuees (including addresses, capacity, directions and if the shelter is pet-friendly)
  • real-time updates on flood levels of major nearby creeks and rivers
  • phone numbers and links to all North Carolina power companies to report outages
  • basic instructions on how to develop emergency plans and what to put in your emergency supplies kit
  • real-time information on which counties have issued evacuation orders
  • contact numbers and links to websites for those who need help recovering from a disaster
  • direct links to the ReadyNC.org and NCDPS.gov websites and social media accounts

"We've seen countless examples across the country and here in our own state that remind us that those who are prepared ahead of time fare better during disasters," said Secretary Perry. "This simple app will help each family do just that."

The mobile application was developed by N.C. Emergency Management using Citizen Corps funds that are designated to foster emergency preparedness.

Town Hall Holiday Closings

New Year's Day:        January 1, 2014                             Martin Luther King Day:    January 20, 2014
Good Friday:           
April 18, 2014                                 Memorial Day:                   May 26, 2014
Independence Day:  
July 4, 2014                                    Labor Day:                        September 1, 2014
Veterans Day:          
November 11, 2014                        Thanksgiving:                   November 27-28, 2014

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Get involved with your Town!

A great way to be part of our community is to serve on a Town advisory board or committee. Applications are accepted year round and may be printed by CLICKING HERE or picked up at Town Hall. No experience is necessary for most positions – just a willingness to learn about municipal services and an interest in serving the residents of Troutman.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Planning and Zoning Board ~
Reviews and recommends plans for new neighborhoods, text changes for zoning and subdivision laws, property rezonings, and short and long term land use plans.

Board of Adjustment ~
Hears and decides on cases that range from granting specific variances from adopted rules to approving unique, special uses.  

Parks & Recreation Committee ~
Recommends and develops parks, greenway systems, and recreational programs to benefit the citizens of Troutman.

Miscellaneous & Special Events
Help with community events that might include activities that support Troutman-ESC Park, land planning, citizen surveys downtown promotions, etc.


It's the Law:

No Grass Clippings in Street

Grass height may not exceed 18 inches. Also, please remember to blow or sweep your grass clippings off of streets and sidewalks. Keeping your grass mowed helps maintain the appearance and character of our community. Yard debris, including grass and other organic plant material like shrubbery trimmings and leaves, is a significant source of stormwater pollution. This debris can cause flooding by clogging culverts, storm drains, and pipes.

Grass clippings in the street can also carry fertilizers and pesticides from your yard and deposit them in streams and ponds. The increase in nutrients can cause algae growth, which depletes oxygen and can kill fish and other aquatic life.

Thank you for keeping our Town attractive and for being a good steward of our community's resources.

See more Town ordinances CLICK HERE

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